IB Diploma Programme in Jyväskylän Lyseo

10 reasons why the IB Diploma Programme in Jyväskylän Lyseo is a good choice

1 It encourages breadth and depth of knowledge. You are able to choose subjects from six subjects groups and study at different levels.

2 You can specialize in Mathematics and Natural science, Social studies or Literature.

3 IB Diploma Programme is an international line of study. IB Diploma is recognized by universities and employers worldwide.

4 Lyseo's IB Tribe of 180 students and 25 teachers is a support network of great value. In the IB, you will make lifelong friendships.

5 The IB encourages critical thinking.

6 You are a part of two prestigious academic traditions: Jyväskylän Lyseo was founded in 1858 and the IB Diploma Programme has challenged students for 50 years.

7 IB students take part in Lyseo's events and Finnish high school traditions, such as junior year dances (vanhojentanssit) and senior's end of school –celebrations (penkkarit). Lyseo's IB community also has its own events and celebrations, an important part of the IB spirit.

8The IB encourages you to become confident and independent learner. For example you will conduct a small academic research on the topic of your choice.

9 The IB encourages international mindset. This is however not an alternative but a complement to a sense of cultural identity. Lyseo's academic and cultural heritage is cherished in our IB Diploma Programme.     

10 The IB Studies start with a preparatory year during which you will improve your English and learn other skills you need for the IB studies. The preparatory year gives time to digest it all: to get used to the new, more student-centered mode of study and the language of instruction. By the end of the preparatory year, you will feel comfortable studying in English.

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Soininen Susanna