Gradia renews learning and working life

Jyväskylä Educational Consortium Gradia renews learning and working life. We provide students of all ages as well as corporate customers with opportunities to develop their competence and business. We have 23,000 students and a staff of about 1,100. 

Gradia consists of the vocational institutions Gradia Jyväskylä and Gradia Jämsä, in addition to three Gradia General Upper Secondary Schools: Jyväskylän Lyseo Upper Secondary School, Schildt Upper Secondary School and Jyväskylä Upper Secondary School for Adults.

Gradia's entrepreneurial models

Gradia’s entrepreneurial models are highly distinguished and awarded previously e.g. by The Federation of Finnish Enterprises and the Ministry of Education and Culture. All students can gain entrepreneurship skills, irrespective of the educational sector. In 2018 Gradia had over 500 students who took part in co-operatives or create enterprises their run as a learning exercise.

Finnish vocational and professional qualifications