Welcome to Gradia!


On these pages you will find information about the practicalities concerning international students’ stays at Gradia Jyväskylä and Gradia Jämsä. You will also find information about how to come to Jyväskylä and Jämsä.

Please, remember that the first contacts to us are always made by your Teacher or International Coordinator. These pages are aimed mainly to the students of present partners of Gradia Jyväskylä and Gradia Jämsä.

Academic year at Gradia starts at the beginning of August and ends at the end of May. Between August and May, we warmly welcome foreign students for both work-based learning as well as to vocational studies in the workshops with Finnish students.

Autumn Semester 9.8.-20.12.2021

  • Autumn Break 18.-24.10.2021
  • Independence Day (Public Holiday) 6.12.2021
  • Christmas Break 21.12.-3.1.2022

Spring Semester 4.1.-3.6.2022

  • Winter Break 28.2.-6.3.2022
  • Easter Holiday 15.-18.4.2022
  • May Day (Public Holiday) 1.5.2022
  • Ascension Day (Public Holiday) 26.5.2022

Incoming students to Gradia October to December 2021 and in Spring semester 2022

Gradia will gradually start welcoming foreign students after the long Covid-19 period. Please, see the following guidelines and contact your own teacher to plan your future exchange.

For further information, please contact Gradia’s International Affairs Specialists

  • Ms. Tea Koskela (students), tea.koskela@gradia.fi
  • Ms. Aino Malin (students), aino.malin@gradia.fi
  • Ms. Rea Tuominen (staff), rea.tuominen@gradia.fi

Incoming students can be received under the following conditions:

  • Student arriving from another EU country
  • Travel recommendations and restrictions allow traveling to and from EU countries.
    Please note restrictions regarding a specific country and area of study!
  • Mobility period will last 4 weeks or more.
  • The number of persons arriving and participating in the mobility 1-3.
  • Arriving student/students need to have a certificate of an approved full-course COVID-19 vaccination or laboratory confirmation of having been infected with COVID-19 within the past 6 months.
    When presenting the certificate, you don’t need to get tested or stay in quarantine. The up-to-date information is to be found in the following website: https://raja.fi/en/guidelines-for-border-traffic-during-pandemic