Research Permits concerning Jyväskylä Educational Consortium Gradia

In case of conducting a research or study concerning Gradia, its institutions and activities, a Research Permit must be applied for. It is obligatory for any study or questionnaire concerning Gradia’s institutions, students or staff. Gradia will not provide any data or forward any questionnaires in any channel without the Research Permit.

It is advisable to make an agreement on the opportunity to conduct a research in Gradia in advance.    

Application for the Research Permit and the necessary attachments

The Research Permit shall be applied for by using the pdf formular on this website. The application shall be printed, signed, scanned and sent with its attachments to the following address:

The researcher adheres to follow the legislation and obligations concerning the use of personal data and to dispose of it.

In case of any personal data to be kept in secret is collected for the research or study, a written and signed permission from all the participants of the research will be needed. Moreover, if the participant is under 18 years old, an approval from the legal guardian is necessary.

The application for a Research Permit must include a synopsis, and if needed, an obligation for the Data Protection Law as well as an approval of the participant. The obligatory attachments and other necessary information will be submitted on-line together with the application.

In case of conducting a research based on questionnaires, the questionnaire form and an informative fact sheet shall be delivered by the researcher as part of the permit application process both to the participants of the research and to the legal guardians of those under 18 years of age.

Decision of the Research Permit

The decision of the permit is delivered to the applicant via email.

The decision-making process includes appointing a contact person to support the researcher in conducting the research in Gradia. The researcher is obliged to inform the contact person of any changes concerning the research, collecting the research data or the planned schedule.

After having completed the research, an abstract of the research results shall be sent to Gradia. The abstracts will be published periodically in Gradia’s publication series. The form for the abstract is available on this website. The abstract shall be sent to the following address: