How to get to Jyväskylä and Jämsä

If you arrive to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport: From Helsinki-Vantaa Airport you can either take a train or a bus. You should take a local train P and first go to Tikkurila station where you need to change a train to Jyväskylä / Jämsä. You can buy tickets at the station or in the train. You can buy train tickets here.

Express buses to Jyväskylä and Jämsä leave directly from the airport. The bus trip will take around 4hrs depending on the route. You can buy bus tickets here.

If you arrive to Tikkakoski Airport (Jyväskylä) you have to order a taxi in advance to take you to Jyväskylä city centre.
Taxi costs about 35-45 euros depending on the time of the day. Call: +3581006900
See also cheaper Onni bus connections. Please note that Onni bus does not have a connection to airport but it is usually the cheapest way to travel. Leaves from Helsinki city centre. You can buy tickets here.


Incoming students’ accommodation is organized in the student dormitories

There are mainly double rooms for the students, all equipped with the necessary furniture and either a kitchenette or a kitchen to be shared with other residents. Own bed linen and towels are needed or inexpensively to be purchased while in Finland.

In case the Residence Halls are fully booked (often in February, March, April and May), we can offer accommodation in one of the local hostels (Forenom Hostel and apartments: Please, contact first Ms. Aino Malin ( for more information on prices.
There is also an option for accommodation in a shared flat at KOAS – Central Finland Student Housing Foundation ( Please, contact KOAS directly: koas(at) or tel. +358 29 180 4444.

We recommend the students to book accommodation as soon as the future exchange period is agreed upon.
Further information on prices and details will be provided to you prior to your arrival.


Meals are served on school days at the student canteens on all campuses in Jyväskylä and Jämsä. You will receive a barcoded card to get a free lunch daily. You can also cook your own meals in the Residence Halls.

Mobile phones and the Internet

You can buy a prepaid card for example at R-kioski. R-kioski is a kiosk marked with blue-white-yellow stripes and they offer beverages, magazines, lottery, candies etc.
There is a free Wi-Fi Connection at the Gradia campuses as well as in the Residence Halls. Instructions can be found on the information boards.
At the College and at libraries, there are also free Wi-Fi connections. Many coffee shops provide free Wi-Fi for their customers.

Leisure time activities

There is a good range of leisure time activities that you can find in Jämsä and in Jyväskylä. There are gyms, swimming halls, jogging and hiking tracks as well as different places to do sports. There are also museums, theatres, movie theatres, festivals and concerts. The best way to find out what is going on is to take a look at the Jämsä Tourist Information and Jyväskylä Region Tourist info.

Gradia units offer sports activities for free, too. Please, check the information boards at the campuses and the Residence Halls or ask your Mobility Liaison Teacher or your Student Tutor.


In case of sickness and accidents – how to find a doctor?

If you get sick during your stay, you shall inform your Mobility Liaison or Tutor Teacher and the Workplace Instructor. If you stay at the Residence Halls, you should inform the Caretaker of the Residence Hall. Her telephone number is on the information board in the corridor of the Residence Hall. You will find more information also in the booklets in the rooms of the Residence Halls.

The Mobility Liaison will help you find the Student Health Care during the day time. If you need medical help during 4 p.m. and 8 a.m. (during the night)
•    in Jyväskylä: Jyväskylä City Emergency (located at the Health Care Center Kyllö, Keskussairaalantie 19) will be able to help you. Please, call first to get instructions, tel. +358 100 84884
•    in Jämsä: First Aid 24/7, Sairaalantie 11, Jämsä, tel. +358 20 638 3333.
Important telephone numbers in case of emergency:
•    General Emergency Number (ambulance) 112
•    First Aid Call Centre +358 116 117
•    Health Care Centre - Night Emergency Duty +358 100 84 884 (Jyväskylä/Jämsä )
•    Toxicology Information Centre: + 358 (0) 9 471 977 or +358 (0)9 4711

ATMs and banks

In Finland, all the ATMs from which you can withdraw bank notes, are marked with a yellow OTTO sign. It is advisable to check the functions of your bank card prior to your departure from your home country. Please, find out also the cooperative Finnish bank of your own bank.