Responsibilities between Workplace Instructor, Mobility Liaison and Student

Workplace Instructor:
  • guides and familiarizes the student to practicalities at the working place
  • guides and supports the student’s learning process with the Mobility Liaison
  • acts as a contact person between the workplace, Gradia and the student
  • makes sure that the work environment is safe and the student knows his/her responsibilities
  • gives constructive and regular feedback to the student
  • takes part in the evaluation of the work placement with the Mobility Liaison
  • informs the Mobility Liaison in case of the student’s illness or absence from work  
Mobility Liaison:
  • accompanies the student to the working place
  • plans the timetable for the guidance visits (two to three times during the placement)
  • agrees the goals (learning outcomes) for the placement with the student and the workplace instructor
  • supports the workplace instructor concerning the student’s guidance and support  
  • gives guidance and support to the student
  • takes part in the evaluation procedure
  • is in regular contact with the student’s sending organization
  • performs the duties appointed to him/her by the Workplace Instructor and the Mobility Liaison
  • obeys the rules and safety regulations at the workplace
  • informs the Workplace Instructor and the Mobility Liaison about sickness, possible accidents or other problems affecting the work duties

Rules and regulations

It is essential to obey the rules at the working place, at Gradia premises and at the dormitories. This will be discussed and informed to you by your contact persons at Gradia and at the working place by the time of your arrival.

Please, do keep in mind at all times that the alcohol policy in Finland is quite strict. For people under 18 years old, it is forbidden to use and buy alcohol products. Alcohol is strictly forbidden at workplaces, at the premises of Gradia including all campuses and the residence halls. The use of all illegal substances (drugs) is also strictly forbidden. Please, note that cannabis is considered a drug according to the Finnish law.

Age limit for buying cigarettes is 18 years. Most workplaces in Finland are non-smoking and it is also forbidden to smoke in restaurants, pubs, bars and cafeterias. All the Gradia campuses are non-smoking, too.

The relationships between teachers, workplace instructors and students are quite informal and everyone calls each other by their first name. This informal manner of conduction, however, should not be confused with the total freedom of rules.  

Punctuality is highly appreciated in Finland. On a company placement, all employees are required to report to work precisely on time and return promptly from lunch and coffee breaks. The Workplace Instructor will give you further information on possible flexibility concerning the rules at the respective company. During a study period at Gradia, you are either given a daily schedule or you will daily be informed about the following day’s timetable.