Mobility Liaison, International Affairs Specialist and the documents needed

Before arriving, you will be appointed a Mobility Liaison at the college to be your contact person during the stay. The Mobility Liaisons are teachers from your own field of study. If you come to Finland for work-based learning, the contact person will take you to your working place and introduce you to your workplace instructor. With your workplace instructor, you will get familiar with the rules, rights and responsibilities at work.

The International Affairs Specialist will help you with the practical arrangements including accommodation.
More information is given by Ms. Tea Koskela, International Affairs Specialist and Mr. Joonas Penttinen, International Affairs Specialist

If you have a Europass Mobility Certificate, Learning Agreement or other documents to be signed at the workplace or by the teaching staff at Gradia, at the beginning, during or at the end of your placement, it is advisable to take care of these documents right during the first days of the placement. The Mobility Liaison and/or the Workplace Instructor will be happy to help you with all the necessary paper work.

Student Affairs Secretary

During the first days, your Mobility Liaison Teacher will take you to meet the Student Affairs Secretary. You will be guided to fill in an Incoming Student’s Contact Information Sheet in the Gradia Wilma Database. You will then receive a barcoded lunch card (in order to get a free lunch at the student canteen) and a certificate for the student discount card to be used on trains and long-distance coaches. For the certificate, a recent photo is needed.  


It is important for us to know how your study or work placement period with us has been. Therefore, we kindly ask you to fill in the feedback template before going back home.