Instructions for students in the corona epidemic situation

Instructions for the Gradia students in the corona epidemic situation will be published in this webpage. The page has been updated on 26 March.

Tuition is arranged as distance learning

Mainly distance learning and independent study methods are now used at Gradia. Further information on studies are given by the team leaders.  Students taking part in the Matriculation Examination will come to school, only, and Students in vocational studies will continue in their work placements unless the companies do not limit their presence. Graduating and finalizing the qualifications will be secured, if possible.

By doing this, Gradia aims at limiting the spreading of the corona virus and at promoting safety.  At this point, there are no known corona virus contagions among the staff or students at Gradia.

Up-to-date instructions

Gradia and the schools/colleges will keep the students updated by using various information channels. This webpage will be continuously updated. Please, follow the Wilma Database, especially!

Teachers, team leaders or study counsellors can be contacted in all study matters whenever needed.  

Support and chat in the net

A special communication channel has been opened for Gradia students mastered by the youth workers of Gradia. The channel available for all the students of Gradia is open during the weekdays from Monday to Friday from 13 to 16.

In this channel, you will be free to chat and share your thoughts and feelings on the current situation with other students and youth workers either in groups or in private discussions.

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Matriculation Examination

The Matriculation Examination is over. 

The May exams for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, provided by Jyväskylän Lyseon Upper Secondary School, will not be held. Depending on what the students have registered for, they will be awarded a Diploma or a Course Certificate which reflects their standard of work. 

For more information:


All the facilities will be closed due to the discontinued contact studies. The teaching and guidance personnel can open the doors, if necessary, to those students with whom special arrangements have been agreed upon concerning contact studies and guidance (such as certificates and – in some cases – distance learning material).  If you need this kind of arrangements, please, contact your teacher or another staff member for further instructions.


Gradia libraries will be closed. If you need material necessary for your studies, please, contact your team leader.

Sports facilities

Gradia sports facilities and gyms will be closed.

Student health and support services

Student health and support services will be organized by the City of Jyväskylä and the City of Jämsä. The fixed appointments at the student health services for students in vocational and general upper secondary studies will be, mainly, taken care of as agreed. You are welcome to the consultation when healthy. Please, wait for your appointment at the front door. The student health service staff will let you in following the appointment schedule.

Consultation without schedule is closed from 18 March 2020.  Certificates for sick leave due to infectious diseases will be signed on the basis of a phone consultation, only.

Please, contact the student health services, primarily, by phone from Monday to Thursday at 8 to 16 and on Friday at 8 to 13, tel. 014 266 2260. If the line is busy, you can contact the nurse directly. Contact information of the student health services for vocational and general upper secondary level students in Jyväskylä:

The on-call time of nurses is during the weekdays from 12 noon to 13 hours.

The appointments of the student health services in Jämsä have been cancelled. There are on-line services available. The students have been provided with further instructions and contact information via Wilma.   

Curator and psychologist services for students

Appointments at schools, colleges and other locations are still available. However, services for vocational and general upper secondary level students in Jyväskylä are, primarily, available on-line. Consultations will mostly be done using phone, Skype or Teams. Face-to-face consultations only if necessary. Platforms and applications like e-mail and WhatsApp cannot be used for consulting clients.

There are now more options available for phone consultations. You can contact the curators and psychologists from Monday to Friday between 12.00 to 13.00 hours. You can also send an SMS or voice message by using Wilma.  Moreover, there is also a common social service hotline for students available from Monday to Friday from 8 to 16, tel. 014 266 1803. Primarily, it is advisable to contact the curator or psychologist entitled to serve the students at your own school or college. Contact information to be found here:

Personal appointments already agreed upon will take place unless otherwise agreed. Do not come to the appointment even if you have slight symptoms of flu! The front doors of the schools are closed. Please, inform the staff of student social services about your arrival time in advance by phone.

Curator and psychologist services for students in Jämsä will now be arranged mainly on-line. Curator Marita Aaltonen can be reached at 050 412 3223 (Monday-Thursday), and psychologist Jari Moilanen can be reached at 040 5866 278. Primarly, personal appointments will be arranged as phone consultations or via other on-line channel. Personal appointments for curators and psychologist can be booked as usually.

In crisis situations after office hours, The Crisis Center Mobile Jyväskylä can be reached at

Student office

Student office’s services are available on-line. Contact information to be found here: Contacts by phone or e-mail.

Student canteens

The student canteens Oppilikka and the Restaurant Priimus in Jyväskylä as well as the Restaurant Kahveli in Jämsä are, for the time being, open for the students with individual guidance or tuition in small groups. The students are not entitled to free meals or subsistence costs during distant learning periods.

Oppipuoti, Restaurant Priimus and Sky Cafe & Food will continue selling packed food and take away meals. All other Gradia’s restaurants and cafés will be closed, for the time being. 


The Gradia dormitories will be open for students whose distant learning cannot be arranged or who do not have elsewhere to live.

Student exchanges

Students in foreign exchange provided by Gradia have been requested to return home immediately. Gradia will take care of the travel arrangements.

Study periods or work placements abroad will not be organized at this point, and all the already agreed reservations will be cancelled or postponed until the following school year. The costs caused by cancellations will be taken care of by Gradia.

Application services

Application services are available on-line at usual service schedule from Monday to Thursday at 10 to 15.30 as well as on Fridays and the days preceding public holidays from 10 to 14 hours. You can either phone, tel. 040 341 6193, or use e-mail No individual guidance calls, nor educational instructions for groups will be provided.

Travelling and return to Finland

A ban for travelling is valid from 11 March on at Gradia. It concerns all students’ study or staff’s work trips abroad as well as all the foreigners’ visits to Gradia. The ban will be valid until 31 July 2020.

The Government of Finland has decided to limit the traffic at the outer borderline of Finland from Thursday 19 March at midnight on until 13 April. Finnish travelers are urged to return to Finland as soon as possible.

All the students returning from abroad (including free-time trips) shall agree upon the time of arrival at school/college and the period of 14 days’ quarantine counting from the date of arrival to Finland with their own group leaders as well as, if only possible, upon the replacing study assignments.

Spreading of the corona virus and finding health care

The corona virus has been declared to be pandemic from 11 March on. The risk to contagion has increased in the whole European continent and allover the world.

Further information:

Symptoms of the corona virus

The corona virus causes sudden respiratory infection with symptoms of cough, sore throat, fever, breathing problems, muscle pains and headache.

What to do in case of symptoms

In case of possible corona virus symptoms, follow the instructions given by the Central Finland Health Care District: