Instructions for students in the corona epidemic situation

This page covers all safeguarding guidelines for Gradia's students regarding the coronavirus epidemic. The page was last updated on 3 July when guidance for the autumn semester was added (valid from 3 August).

Latest guidelines and instructions

Gradia and its’ educational institutions continue to keep students well informed through different information channels. The latest updates on this page are the following:

  • Guidelines for the summer term (scroll to the bottom of the page) has been updated on 10 June.
  • Guidelines for the autumn semester has been updated in English on 3 July 
  • Remember to also keep an eye on updates and bulletins in Wilma!

Guidelines for the autumn semester (valid from 3 August)

Gradia returns to partial contact teaching at the beginning of the autumn term

Gradia is returning to partial contact teaching in August. The return to the campuses will be done in a controlled manner so that a safe study and working environment can be ensured for all in the prevailing coronavirus situation. Safety has been taken into consideration at every step of planning the operations of the autumn semester. 

Return to campuses will be staggered so that not all student groups are at the campuses at the same time. Alongside contact teaching, we continue to use a wide range of distance learning methods to keep the number of students on campuses moderate. We pay particular attention to situations where congestion can arise.

In contact teaching, we ensure that adequate distancing is possible and if necessary, will also use the facilities in the evenings. If needed, we will also make provisions for other kinds of necessary safeguarding such as use of PPE (personal protective equipment) in teaching situations.

If you are a member of a risk group (student health care certificate), you can discuss possible individual arrangements with your group tutor.

First and foremost, we all protect ourselves and each other by keeping physical distance. Everyone is responsible for ensuring adequate distances and ensuring that they only come to school when they are healthy. Anyone with any respiratory symptoms will not be allowed to be on Gradia’s campuses or other facilities. 

Student services

The admission services and student affairs offices continue to serve remotely during the summer term. Visiting student services is possible again starting from 10 August. We will inform you about the organisation and availability of student health services and student care services at the beginning of the autumn semester at the latest. In acute crisis situations you can contact Crisis Centre Mobile. 

Discord discussion channel for Gradia’s students is also open in the summer on weekdays from 13 to 16. On the channel you can talk about the current situation and the feelings it has aroused together with other students and Gradia's youth instructors and, if necessary, in private conversation. Join the channel.

Students' sports activities and gym shifts will remain suspended until the end of September.

Library services

Library services will open on 10 August. Library opening hours:

  • Viitaniemi and Priimus: Mon–Thu 9–11 and 12–15, Fri 9–11
  • Harju: Mon–Thu 9–12 and 13–15, Fri 9–12

To maintain safe distances, only half of the client computers in the library can be used at the same time. Even if the libraries are open, please take care of your business there as quickly as possible. When returning loaned books, use the return boxes.

Use of the library facilities during the classes will be arranged by the teacher in question with the library staff and carried out only in small groups. If necessary, staff can limit the number of visitors in the library.

Residence halls

Tenant selections for residence halls will be done on 30 June. Rooms are allocated according to normal practice.  The occupants will be given more detailed instructions about safeguarding practices. We will continue organising leisure activities at the residence halls/ dorms but on a limited basis. Events for more than 50 people will not be organised, and leisure facilities will remain closed until the end of September.


The outgoing exchange periods abroad for students have been cancelled until the end of the year. It is also important to exercise caution and follow government instructions when travelling for leisure. For up-to-date travel instructions, please visit the THL website.

We recommend that you also inform your group tutor of your trips abroad in order to agree on any necessary precautions. The starting point is to ensure a safe environment for all students and staff.

New students starting in August

Separate guidelines (in Finnish) have been published for new students starting their studies in August

Updates to these guidelines

If necessary, the guidelines for the autumn semester can be specified on the week starting on 3 August depending on the development of the epidemic situation and national guidelines. In addition to these general guidelines for all Gradia as a whole, individual schools and colleges will provide more detailed instructions on the start of the semester and the forms of teaching, primarily via Wilma, no later than on 7 August.

Guidelines for the summer term (valid until 2 August)

Summer term

In Gradia, tuition was mainly provided using distance learning methods from March to May.  By doing so, we aimed at ensuring the health and safety of all Gradia students and staff as well as smooth continuation of our operations. Also, all the possible studies organised during the summer term will mainly be organised remotely. Instructions for the autumn term will published during the summer.

Support and online chat

Gradia's students have opened their own discussion channel, run by Gradia's youth instructors. The channel for all Gradia students is open on weekdays from 13 to 16. On the channel you can talk and share thoughts and feelings on the current situation with other students and youth instructors together and, if necessary, in private conversation. Join the channel.


Gradia's facilities are closed during the summer term. If necessary, teaching and guidance personnel can allow students entry if their needs for contact teaching, guidance or other essential services demand it. If you have such a need, please consult your teacher or other staff members before coming to the campus.


Gradia libraries are closed during the summer.

Sports facilities

Gradia sports facilities and gyms are closed during the summer.

Student health care

Student health care and care services are organised by the cities of Jyväskylä and Jämsä.

The health care services for vocational and general upper secondary school students are organised by appointment only. You are welcome to your consultation without any flu symptoms. Please, wait your turn at the front door. Staff will let you in according to the scheduled appointments.

Walk-in consultations (without an appointment) are not available. Certificates for sick leave for infectious diseases are issued on the basis of an assessment carried out on the phone.

Appointments can be booked by phone Mon– Thu 8–16 and Fri 8–13  +358 14 266 2260 or via the online booking service. Further information is available on the student health care website.

In Jämsä, student health care services are available by phone in the summer and via Wilma messages until 5 July. Johanna Lahti, tel. +358 (0)40 000 0 040 831 5593.

The organisation and availability of health care services during the autumn will be announced at the latest at the beginning of the autumn semester.

Student welfare services (social workers and psychologists)

Appointments in Jyväskylä are still available. However, services for vocational and general upper secondary level students are, primarily, provided online.

For the time being, you can reach student welfare services Mon–Fri between 12–13. You can also leave a text message or callback request with a Wilma message. In addition, there is a joint on-call number for student services 014 266 1803, which is open Mon–Fri 8–16. Note, that primarily you are advised to contact the designated employee for your school or college. Contact information can be found here:

The already agreed individual appointments will take place if they are not specifically cancelled. Do not come to the appointment even if you only have mild flu symptoms! The external doors of the facilities are closed, so you need to agree in advance on an arrival time with the staff you are meeting, for instance by phone.

In Jämsä, student welfare services are not available during the summer.

In acute crisis situations, you can contact Crisis Centre Mobile.

Student services

The student services are only available remotely. You can find the contact information for student offices here: Contact by phone or email only.

Admission services

Admission services are available online until 18 June according to the usual operating hours Mon–Thu 10–15.30 and Fridays and eves of public holidays from 10 to 14 (Closed on Midsummer's Eve).  22 June -31 July services are available Mon-Fri 9-12. You can call +358 40 341 6193 or email Personal or group guidance sessions are not organised during the summer.

Residence halls

In the summer, the residence halls are open only for students whose teaching cannot be organised remotely or who have no other place to live. Safeguarding in the residence hall/ dormitory environment will be taken care of in various ways, for example by the presence of resident advisors, dorm instructors, and by ensuring, for example, adequate physical distance in the room allocation and the everyday life of the dormitory.

The tenant selections for the academic year 20-21 will be made on 30 June.

Student exchanges

For the time being, no outgoing international exchange periods are implemented. Gradia shall bear the costs of cancellations (costs incurred prior to the lock down).

Travelling and returning to Finland

The exchange periods abroad for students have been cancelled until the end of the year. Note, that it is also important to exercise caution and follow government instructions when travelling for leisure. For up-to-date travel instructions, please visit the THL website.

We recommend that you inform your group tutor of your trips abroad in order to agree on any precautions. The starting point is to ensure a safe learning environment for all students and staff.

Insurance coverage during distance learning

Gradia has insured all students with accident insurance, which is also valid for distance learning during the coronavirus epidemic.

Gradia's insurance compensates for accidents in or related to learning activities and events.  Accidents at both the college and the distance learning site, for example at the student's home, are covered. The insurance also covers accidents during learning at a workplace, regardless of whether the damage occurs at the workplace or during distance working.  On-the-job learning tasks can be performed remotely as long as it has been agreed on in the student’s learning agreement.

Gradia's accident insurance covers only personal injuries and objects or equipment damaged directly by the event where the personal injury occurred, for example glasses that have been broken in the event of a head injury. Gradia's insurance policies do not cover other damaged property, such as mobile phones or laptops. For property damage, students may have their own personal insurance policies. 

If you suffer damage that requires compensation, act quickly and contact the student affairs assistant. Here is a link to the contact details of the student affairs offices: Make a record of the event as soon as possible: what happened, to whom, where and how. The student affairs assistant  assists in recording the data and files an accident report to the insurance company.

Spread and treatment of coronavirus

Coronavirus is a serious disease and the risk of contagion is global. More information and updated instructions:

Symptoms of coronavirus

Coronavirus causes a sudden respiratory infection. Symptoms may include cough, sore throat, fever, shortness of breath, muscle pain and headache.

What to do in case of symptoms

In the event of any symptoms, follow the instructions given by the Central Finland Health Care District regarding coronavirus: