Further professional qualification training for learning assistants in Qatar

Further professional qualification training for adult students who work as the learning assistants  (with students 5-15 years old) at Qatar-Finland-International School. The training programme with work-based learning approach was planned together with QFIS administrative to support the learning assistants’ skill development.

The programme complies with the requirements of the Further Qualification in Learning Support and Morning and Afternoon Club Activity Instruction accredited by Finnish National Agency for Education. Qualification and training programme started in October 2016 and ends in May 2018.

Outcomes and benefits

Accomplishing the programme the learning assistants are accredited professionals with the strong capabilities of working in multicultural and multiprofessional teams in supporting the welfare and diverse learning processes of children with special needs.

We can already see incredible growth in the competences and professional identity of the learning assistants. That growth has not gone unnoticed in the work community, and the enhanced expertise of the learning assistants is already being utilised e.g. in the school’s morning and afternoon club activities.

Picture of Juha Repo

Qatar-Finland International School,  Principal Juha Repo